Principal Engineer - Mechanical/Materials

Gilles Amirault, P.Eng.

Gilles specializes in mechanical and material failure analysis. Starting his career in 2004, he has led the investigation for a variety of large mechanical and material failures, as well as multidisciplinary failure investigations involving multiple experts with specific areas of expertise.  At Oak, Gilles applies the same methodologies he’s learned and applied previously to simplify complex situations for the client.

Principal Engineer - Mechanical/Structural

Rick Scholten, P.Eng.

Rick specializes in mechanical and structural failure analysis. He started his consulting career in 2001 designing and certifying commercial lift equipment. In 2011 he transitioned to forensic consulting, and most recently, he joined the team at Oak in 2020. Rick’s experience with heavy equipment, welded steel fabrication, and knowledge of construction practices have provided him with a solid foundation to lead a variety of forensic investigations.

Metallurgical / Materials Engineer

Neil Anderson, M. Sc., P. ENG.

Neil specializes in material failure analysis, with particular experience in steel component manufacturing of a variety of products. In these past efforts, Neil has led task forces consisting of individuals with diverse expertise to conduct failure investigations, process optimization, and product development research. Joining Oak in 2021, Neil’s background has given him the skills and experience to assist with a variety of material and forensic needs.

Structural Engineer

Kellie Cockle, P.Eng.

Kellie specializes in structural analysis, design, and rehabilitation. She has 10 years of experience in the consulting and construction industries across the commercial, industrial, and residential sectors. She brings to the team a strong understanding of the fundamental physical principles acting on structures which allows her to tackle projects involving a variety of building materials, differing building codes, and outside-of-the-box situations. Kellie joined Oak in 2023 and has been leveraging her skills and experience in forensic investigations for Oak and their clients.


Shannon Canty

Shannon manages the operations of both the Edmonton and Calgary offices.  She joined Oak in 2022, bringing several years of experience in prior engineering operations roles.


In addition to Oak’s core personnel, Oak maintains a network of consultants who provide expertise as needed in a variety of disciplines. This team of experts allows Oak the flexibility to respond to many insurance and industry needs.

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